What’s New: Susan’s Hot Mustard

Susan's Hot Mustard

What’s old is new again… Susan’s Hot Mustard is back on our shelves after a hiatus of several years. 

Susan’s Mustard was created in the late 1960s by a farmer in Ashburn, Ontario. It was later manufacturered on a small scale but gained a huge following among hot mustard-lovers. Along with many folks, a family from Cobourg had been searching in vain for Susan’s Mustard in shops everywhere. When they stumbled across it, they purchased the company from its current owner and are now bringing Susan’s Hot Mustard back to the marketplace. Yippee!

Susan’s Hot Mustard is the HOTTEST mustard we have tried to date, and we’ve tried A LOT of hot mustards. It has the nasal clearing quality of an extra hot horseradish and the flavour of an excellent yellow mustard. Hot dogs, hamburgers, sandwiches, and sausages - beware! Susan’s is coming to give you a kick!

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