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Food Trend: Buy Local

Spice Co Rubs

The Buy Local movement is sweeping the nation, and Peterborough is well situated for getting caught up in the wave. The Peterborough Saturday Farmers’ Market has a long history of connecting farmers & producers with shoppers. A vibrant restaurant scene, two high school culinary programs, and the Fleming College Culinary program help to highlight foodie trends. 

What’s New: Susan’s Hot Mustard

Susan's Hot Mustard

What’s old is new again… Susan’s Hot Mustard is back on our shelves after a hiatus of several years. 

Susan’s Mustard was created in the late 1960s by a farmer in Ashburn, Ontario. It was later manufacturered on a small scale but gained a huge following among hot mustard-lovers. Along with many folks, a family from Cobourg had been searching in vain for Susan’s Mustard in shops everywhere. …

Food Trend: Sriracha

PIG Sriracha

Sriracha is an Asian style hot sauce made with red jalapeños, vinegar, and garlic with a touch of sweetness added. The ubiquitious tall plastic bottle with the rooster on the front is made by  Huy Fong Foods, in California, and is often nicknamed, “ ooster Sauce”. David Tran, a Chinese-Vietnamese immigrant, created the sauce in 1980 and named it after the coastal city of Si Racha, in eastern Thailand. …

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