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Sriracha is an Asian style hot sauce made with red jalapeños, vinegar, and garlic with a touch of sweetness added. The ubiquitious tall plastic bottle with the rooster on the front is made by  Huy Fong Foods, in California, and is often nicknamed, “ ooster Sauce”. David Tran, a Chinese-Vietnamese immigrant, created the sauce in 1980 and named it after the coastal city of Si Racha, in eastern Thailand. Tran wanted to create a familiar, but versatile sauce to supply to Asian restaurants near his base in Chinatown, Los Angeles.

The medium heat and sweet, garlicky flavour, has made Sriracha a favourite in many households. That appeal has made its way into the specialty food market in a big way over the past year. You can find it added to everything form potato chips to mayonnaise, as well as a whole range of similar hot sauces. 

We have several sriracha style hot sauces as well as two new products, Sriracha Aioli and Sriracha Chili Dust. 

Use the Aioli on sandwiches, wraps, fish tacos, and po-boys; as a dipping sauce for chips, fries, fish fillets, and sweet potato fries; or mixed into a dip, potato salad, or deviled egg filling. 

The Chili Dust comes in Original, XX Scotch Bonnet, XXX Smoke Ghost Pepper, and XXXX Trinidad Scorpion. Try them on popcorn, potato wedges, chicken wings, sweet potato fries, snack mix, edamame, noodles, or added to your favourite rub.

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