Food Trend: Buy Local

The Buy Local movement is sweeping the nation, and Peterborough is well situated for getting caught up in the wave. The Peterborough Saturday Farmers’ Market has a long history of connecting farmers & producers with shoppers. A vibrant restaurant scene, two high school culinary programs, and the Fleming College Culinary program help to highlight foodie trends. 

Spice Co Rubs

Our newest product aquisition is a line of locally made seasoning blends from The Spice Co. of Selwyn. Local culinary instructor, food columnist, and consultant, Chef Brian Henry, recently launched this company, starting with fseveral fun flavours: Kick Ass Cajun, Mexican Kitchen Cartel, Raggae Rub, and coming soon, Curry in a Hurry. The blends are all-natural, contain no MSG, gluten, or animal by-products. The resealable packaging is air-tight and does not allow light in, keeping the contents fresher, longer. 

The Epicentre Seasonings

A long standing favourite with our customers are products from The Epicentre, made in Bridgenorth. Their hIgh quality spices, rubs, and blends free are free from preservatives and fillers. The unique flavour blends keep customers coming back for more. 

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