Muffuletta Sandwich

Muffuletta Sandwich

The muffuletta sandwich from Central Grocery on Decatur Street in New Orleans is an Italian classic. It was created by the grocery store's founder, Salvatore Lupo, who opened the store in 1906. He created the sandwich to feed the Sicilian farmers selling their goods in the French Quarter market. 

It makes a great picnic sandwich and is tastiest if you make it in the morning and eat it in the afternoon. You can even make it the day before. It just gets better and better!

Serves 4

Olive It Hot Muffuletta
  • 1 large round Italian loaf
  • 6 oz (170gr) thinly sliced deli ham
  • 6 oz (170gr) thinly sliced Genoa salami
  • 6 oz (170gr) mortadella
  • 6 oz (170gr) sliced provolone
  • 8 oz (250ml) muffuletta salad, mild or hot (Guiliano or Olive-It)
Guiliano Muffuletta

Slice the round loaf in half to form a top and bottom. Scoop out a little of the centre to make room for the filling. Spread half the muffuletta salad evenly around the bottom. Layer ham, salami, mortadella, and provolone over the muffuletta. Top with the remaining salad and top half of the loaf. Wrap the entire sandwich tightly with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 2 hours to overnight.

Remove from plastic wrap and cut into four wedges. Enjoy!

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