Melon Salad with Peach Poppyseed Dressing

The recipe calls for Rootham’s Peach Poppyseed Dressing which blends together fresh Ontario peaches, cantaloupe, orange and ginger.  This salad is terrific for brunch or lunch, but also refreshing alongside rich & sticky barbecue ribs or pulled pork.

Melon Salad

Ingredients: Make up as little or as much as you’ll eat up in a day because it’s best enjoyed fresh.

  • cantaloupe
  • honeydew melon
  • watermelon
  • cucumber, optional
  • feta cheese, block or crumbled
  • fresh basil or mint
  • Rootham’s Peach Poppyseed Dressing, refrigerated ahead of time to chill
  • sea salt, optional   

Cut up the melons into roughly 1½ inch/2 cm cubes or scoop out with a melon baller.  Peel and seed the cucumber, if using, and cut into the same sized cubes.  You can do this earlier in the day and keep chilled in the fridge.  Drain excess water right before serving.  Crumble just enough feta over the melons to lend some saltiness and toss well.  Just before serving, finely mince the basil, about one large leaf per whole melon.  Drizzle the chilled Peach Poppyseed Dressing over top and gently toss.  Add a sprinkle of sea salt to taste, if desired.  Serve.

If you want to try a palate cleansing sweet twist on gazpacho, puree chopped watermelon, cucumber and some of the Peach Poppyseed Dressing until it’s a fairly liquid soup consistency.  Chill ahead of time and just before serving, add the diced cantaloupe, honeydew, and minced basil.  Garnish with a little crumbled feta and a whole basil leaf.

by Anna Russell

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