Bacon Explosion

Bacon Explosion

Bacon lovers have to try this at least once in their lives… or twice… or three times!

Bacon Explosion

Serves 6 - 8

Bacon Explosion
  • 2 lbs of bacon (one pound of bacon should be thin-sliced while the other pound can be thin or thick cut)
  • 2 lbs ground pork
  • your favourite barbecue rub

Set aside one pound of thin-sliced bacon. Crisp the remaining pound of bacon and chop. 

Lay out a an 18-inch square of foil on a flat surface. Use the thin-sliced pound of bacon to make a bacon weave on the foil.

How to make a bacon weave.

Mix a liberal amount of your favourite barbecue rub into the ground pork. Pat the pork onto the bacon weave in an even layer, all the way to the edges of the weave. Evenly distribute the chopped bacon all over the ground pork layer. Grasping one edge of the foil, tightly roll everything up into a meat log. Pull the foil back; tuck and press the ends of the bacon weave to seal in the pork. Dust all sides of the roll with barbecue rub.

Preheat your smoker to 250°F/120°C. Smoke the bacon explosion over indirect heat for about 1-½ hours until the internal temperature reaches 170°F/76°C (very important!). Remove and let rest to firm up. Slice and serve. 

Bacon ExplosionBacon Explosion

We like to serve slices with coleslaw and planked garlic mashed potatoes. You could plate slices over mashed potatoes or biscuits and top with country gravy, as well. They’re also great served on buns with all your favourite condiments.

NOTE Optional Fillings: If you combine other ingredients with the chopped bacon, reduce the amount of bacon so that the roll isn’t over-stuffed. We combined about ⅓ of a box of Stovetop stuffing with chopped bacon and it was delicious. You could try chopped hot peppers, as well. We advise avoiding very moist fillings or cheese because they ooze out and the slices won’t hold together well. 

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