Texas Champagne

Texas Champagne

D. L. Jardine's Texas Champagne

This salty, aged cayenne pepper sauce is reminiscent of classic Louisiana style sauces.  Aged cayenne peppers lend a particulary flavour that is well suited to seafood from oysters and shrimp, to blackened fish and calamari.  Makes you crave a bowl of crawdads!  The salt and vinegar hit lends itself to seafood, rice and beans.  It would also be great on fish & chips, po' boys, in gumbo or jambalaya, or in Bloody Marys and Caesars.

D. L. Jardine's food company of Texas has been around for years, producing a great line of BBQ and hot sauces, salsas, and other cowboy specialties.  The dirt is that Dan Jardine started the company years ago, but later lost out to his ex-wife & manager.  He waited out the 2 years on his non-competition clause and started Dan's Prime, producing an equally fine line of products.  The best seller of the line for us has always been Widow Maker hot sauce.  Gives new meaning to the name!  

Dan's latest product line is Silver Star salsas which are contenders with D.L. Jardine's salsas as our favourites.  We enjoy putting the ex-spouse rivals next to each other on the shelf (tee he he).  Now you can share in the simple inside joke that always gives us a little giggle.

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