Pain is Good Most Wanted Pepper Sauces

The Sultans of Sizzle at Original Juan in Kansas City do a great job with all of their products, using only quality ingredients prepared in small batches. They balance heat with flavour in everything they make. Their series of single-pepper “Most Wanted” hot sauces is no different. 

PIG Jalapeno Cayenne Habanero

Jalapeño delivers bright, fresh chile pepper flavour with a hint of citrus. Mild heat makes it a good choice for adding a touch of zest to salsa, soup, fish, shrimp, chicken, pork, and vegetarian dishes. It a good mate for tacos, lunch wraps, and sub sandwiches. This sauce screams out for Southwest, Mexican, and Carribean fare.

PIG Chipotle

Cayenne takes the ubiquitous chile to a more flavourful level. Less salty & vinegary than typical Louisiana cayenne sauces (think Tabasco), this sauce still retains that food enhancing aged pepper flavour. It has mild heat and is well-suited to Southern specialties like seafood, gumbo, po-boys, rice & beans. That’s probably why it is so popular at Hot Belly Mama’s. It’s also great on pizza and spaghetti.

Habanero is the hottest of the series. It delivers habanero flavour and is hot without going over the top. It has a hint of the classic Central American style of habanero sauces with roundness and slight fruity habanero flavour. It’s more smooth than chunky and works very well as a condiment for just about any style of cuisine. It’s another customer favourite for those wanting more heat but with good flavour.

Chipotle is another crowd-pleasing addition to the line. It delivers enough smokiness to enhance a bowl of chile but not overpower a chipotle-mayo dipping sauce. It is smoother in consistency than some chunkier chipotle sauces which makes it easily incorporated as an ingredient in dishes. Terrific on a pepperoni pizza, chicken quesadilla, or pulled pork sandwich. It can give your barbecue sauce just the oomph it needs.

Sriracha is the latest addition to the line. Perhaps foreseeing the great Sriracha crisis of ’13, the Sultans of Swing came up with a slightly sweet, slightly salty, slightly garlicky pepper sauce that mimics Huy Fong Food’s original very well. We find it a little more refined and complex than the “red rooster” and every bit as useful. Medium heat delivers a nice punch for everything from pizza and pasta, to sauces and soups. Chinese to Italian, meats & seafood to veggie dishes. It can be used as a condiment or as an ingredient in a recipe. Immitation is the greatest form of flattery.

$25 Gallons of Sriracha
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