Pain Hot Sauces

Pain Batch 37

Pain is Good Batch #37 Garlic Habanero - Hot-Sauce-of-the-Month / January 2008

Batch #37 Garlic Style Hot Sauce delivers excellent garlic flavour and heat in a sweet carrot base.  The face on the bottle says it all.  It packs a wallop of a Habanero punch.  The Sultans of Sizzle at Original Juan in Kansas City do a great job with all of their products, using only quality ingredients prepared in small batches.  They balance heat with flavour in everything they make.

Honey Cayenne Batch #164

Pain is Good Batch #164 Honey Cayenne Mustard - Hot-Sauce-of-the-Month / October 2010

Here comes another tasty hot sauce from Kansas City’s Original Juan.  It delivers mild peppery heat balanced by honey sweetness along with a splash of orange juice and chunks of garlic.  Let this bad girl glaze your gobbler or honey your ham.  It’s a perfect match for poultry, pork, fish, meatballs, and even veggie & tofu. It’ll add zest to your dipping sauces, sandwiches, wraps, brats, and burgers.  Don’t be fooled by the Pain-Is-Good moniker.  This honey is mild and sweet.

Pain Hot Sauce

Pain 100%

An awesome habanero sauce with a classic carrot-onion-garlic base. 100% Natural; 100% Pain.

Pain 95%

A habanero sauce with Jerk seasonings to spice up your Caribbean dishes. 

Pain 85% - Hot-Sauce-of-the-Month / October 2015

A habanero sauce with added garlic and a hint of citrus. Great with anything from pasta to chili to pizza.

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