Mad Dog Envy


Mad Dog Envy Hot-Sauce-of-the-Month / April 2013

Mad Dog's "Got To Have It" Spicy Hot Jalapeño Sauce will make you green with Envy. Typically, jalapeño sauces are fairly mild, but there isn't anything typical about Mad Dog sauces. This sauce gets an extra punch of heat from hard-to-find jalapeño pepper extract. Onions and chopped garlic compliment the bright flavour of select jalapeños. Red wine vinegar, fresh squeezed lime juice, and cilantro give it a unique balance of flavour. 

Mad Dog's Envy compliments Tex-Mex, Latin, and Greek dishes. Try it with tacos, salsa, gyros, chimichurri sauces, or on pork & fish.

Mad Dog products from Sudbury, Massachusetts, include the 357 line as well as labratory tested extracts. The maker, David Ashley of Ashley Food Company, has been heating things up since 1991 and really means business!

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