Hot Stuff!

Hot Lips!While a mouth ablaze may make you want to reach for water or beer, they will only spread the pain.  The cure for a burning mouth is full fat dairy such as milk, sour cream, or yogurt.  Sugar in adds an extra soothing quality so ice cream, a good ol’ fashioned milkshake, or yogurt smoothie can do the trick.

Hot Drinks!Wondering what to drink with spicy foods besides beer?  A light and sweet wine like an off-dry Riesling is refreshing.  A well chilled off-dry Rose or blush goes well with chicken wings.  The Southern classic with barbecue is sweetened iced-tea.

Time Well Wasted! Carl's Perfect Pig Bar-B-Que, White Bluff, Tennessee:  "Where a waist is a terrible thing to mind."

Spicy Recipes

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