CaJohns Holy Jolokia

Holy Jolokia

Cajohns Holy Jolokia - Hot-Sauce-of-the-Month / August 2010

Holy Jolokia derives its sizzle from the Bhut Jolokia chile, the hottest pepper on earth.  Also known as the Ghost Pepper, the Jolokia is twice as hot as a habanero and lends a wallup of heat to this sauce.  Just vinegar, sugar & salt, garlic, lemon extract, and plenty o’ Jolokia.  Holy Jolokia is perfect for folks who want to zip up their curry, chili, wing sauce or salsa without adding tonnes of hot sauce.  A few drops will do the job nicely.  It has a tasty flavour at the forefront, right up until the blast of heat hits you.  Cajohns donates of portion of sales of this Fiery Food Challenge Winner to fund research and education at New Mexico State University’s Chile Pepper Institute.

Cajohns Fiery Foods got its start in Central Ohio in 1996.  Their extensive line of specialty products are all-natural, preservative-free, and produced in small batches.  They process their own fresh chiles every fall for use in their products and refuse to use commercially prepared pepper mashes which are laden with salt.  Quality and flavour is the name of the game at Cajohns.

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