Green Monster, Orange Goblin, Red Venom

Big Grill Barbeque Hot Sauce

Big Grill Barbeque Hot Sauces

Big Grill Catering & BBQ from Aurora, Ontario, bottles their signature barbecue and hot sauces. Owner and papered chef, Kevin Finch, operates a number of catering & food trucks servicing the GTA. He grew up on his family’s premier apple orchard and uses as much produce from the farm as possible.

The three hot sauces are all-natural with a simple base of fresh chilies, onions, garlic, vinegar, and salt. Because they use no thickeners, they are on the thinner side, making them a great choice for marinades, sauces, soups, even salad dressings.

The Green Monster is a jalapeño based sauce that delivers birght, fresh flavour but plenty of kick. Jalapenõ is a great companion to Tex-Mex and Southwestern dishes. Use it on tacos, fish, chicken, salsa, and vegetable soup.

The Orange Goblin uses Scotch Bonnet peppers and has a touch more salt. It’s a classic for Caribbean dishes, fish and shellfish, rice, and soups.

The Red Venom is a red chile sauce with plenty of punch. It’s food friendly and can be used almost anywhere. Try it with Cajun dishes, rice & beans, or stews.

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