Da Bomb Hot Sauces

Da Bomb is a product line hot sauces, salsa, and nuts from small batch producer, Original Juan, of Kansas City.  

Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Products

Da Bomb Ghost Pepper 

This sauce is infused with one of the world's hottest peppers - the Naga Jolokia or "Ghost Pepper".  This sauce contains zero pepper extract - just pure natural heat!

Da Bomb Beyond Insanity

This sauce is way past insanity. Rated at 135,600 Scoville units, it's got heat that delivers.


Da Bomb Ground Zero

Ground Zero is almost twice as hot as Da Bomb Beyond Insanity. This is serious stuff, not for children. Rated at 321,900 Scoville units.

Da Bomb The Final Answer

The Final Answer is toothpick-only material.  It's heat that is truly off the charts, and is the hottest of the Da' Bomb hot sauces. Habaneros, apricot nectar, sugar, garlic, allspice, but mostly extract (1.5 million SHU), make this one of the hottest commercially produced sauces available.  It is a novelty for most people or an ingredient in a vat of wing sauce for a few fanatics.  Caution: this sauce should not be eaten straight out of the bottle and used only as an additive.  When we sample it in the store, we literally use less than a drop.

Check out photos of hot customers trying Da Bomb

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