Cajohns Big Kick

Cajohns Big Kick skinny

Cajohns Big Kick - Hot-Sauce-of-the-Month / December 2014

Cajohns Big Kick hot sauce is a habanero-garlic sauce that has major league fire. It was made with Louisiana-style dishes in mind like jambalaya. A hint of citrus from lemon extract makes it a great ingredient to use when a recipe calls for a dash of Tabasco. Kick up warm seafood or artichoke dips, spinach veggie dip, cocktail sauce, marinated antipasto vegetables, salsa, and bloody caesars. This is an ideal table sauce with balanced flavour and heat.

Cajohns Fiery Foods got its start in Central Ohio in 1996. Their extensive line of specialty products are all-natural, preservative-free, and produced in small batches. They process their own fresh chiles every fall for use in their products and refuse to use commercially prepared pepper mashes which are laden with salt. Quality and flavour is the name of the game at Cajohns.

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