Ass Kickin’ Hot Sauces

Ass Kickin’ Hot Sauces, made by Southwest Specialty Foods in sizzlin’ Arizona, consistently deliver a kick in the ass!

Ass Blaster Hot Sauce combines habanero peppers with carrots, garlic, and spices for a flavourful base. The blast comes from the addition of capsaicin extract! This one is for folks who like a tasty sauce but can’t seem to get it hot enough. This will do the trick! Use it where ever you want to add a blast of heat. Available in a standard 150ml bottle or packaged in a collectible outhouse. You get the idea.

Dumb Ass Hot Sauce is for that person you know who likes everything stupid-hot! It’s got the same great flavour base as Ass Blaster but kicked up a notch with more caspsaicin extract. This sauce is for those who often say, “It hurts so good!” leaving the rest of us to shake our heads and say, “You dumb ass.”

Ass Kickin’ Ghost Pepper - Hot-Sauce-of-the-Month / October 2014 

Ass Kickin’ Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce blends together Bhut Jolokia peppers with carrots, garlic, and spices. Rather than adding any capsaicin extract, this sauce relies solely on the heat of the chile peppers to deliver its kick. Ghost Peppers have a slightly roasted flavour which comes through nicely in this sauce. The roasted flavour compliments chili and stew very well.

Ass Kickin Mini Stack

Ass Kickin’ Roasted Garlic - Hot-Sauce-of-the-Month / July 2014

This is one of the more tame sauces in the Ass Kickin' line. It still has a nice habanero kick but is tempered by milder jalapeño heat, sweet roasted garlic, and a touch of tomato paste. It’s great with chili, stew, pizza, marinara sauce, nachos, wraps, and salsa.

Ass Kickin’ Mini Sampler Set - Hot-Sauce-of-the-Month / May 2015

Four Ass Kickin’ favourites for on-the-go hotties. Perfect for camping, boating, hiking, the cottage, your purse, lunch sack, or jacket pocket. It’s a great way to sample several flavours and pick your fave.

  • Original is a blend of habanero & serrano peppers for balanced flavour and plenty of kick. Use on anything. 
  • Cajun is a habanero based sauce spiced with cajun seasonings. Great for seafood, rice & bean dishes, jambalaya, and gumbo. 
  • Roasted Garlic is a slightly milder blend of jalapeño & habanero peppers with sweet roasted garlic.. Try with chili, pizza, marinara sauce, and salsa. 
  • Wasabi Horseradish gives you the heat of habanero with the nasal clearing qualities of wasabi and horseradish. Perfect with oysters, fish, stir-fry, rice and Asian noodle dishes.
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