Tip: Grilling Corn

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The easiest way to grill corn perfectly!

One of summer’s highlights is the arrival of local corn. The best way to enjoy its natural sweetness is by grilling it. Mother Nature makes it easy by wrapping each cob in the perfect steaming vessel, the corn husk. Trim any silks extending from the husk and place the corn on the grill over direct heat. No soaking, no shucking, no peeling away of silks. Just grill them plain and simple, turning often, until the husks begin to char evenly.  After removing from the grill, they’ll stay warm for quite a while, or peel the husks back right away using oven mitts. With oven mitts on, run your hand down the length of the cob and the silks will pull away with ease. If you want to go all “Martha” then tie the husks back into a bundle with a torn strip of husk to form a natural handle.

You can serve the corn with plain butter, flavoured compound butter, lemon & lime wedges, or salts and seasonings.  Your favourite BBQ rub is handy, too.

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