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House of Q

House of Q is an award winning competition barbecue team based in Langley, BC.  They have won competitions all around North American and were named 2010 Team of the Year for British Columbia.  Team leader, Brian Misko, has provided the BBQ Tip of the Week for Global TV BC Morning News.

Slow Smoke Gold is a Carolina style mustard based sauce with vinegar tang  and a hint of black pepper.  It's great tossed with pulled pork.  Try slathering it on pork butt, ribs, or beef brisket before adding your rub.  It'll provide nice tack and contribute to a lovely bark.  Pork tenderloin or baked ham are other great applications.  This is our favourite of their three sauces.

Sugar & Spice, as the name implies, is a sticky-sweet, finger-lickin' style sauce with a bit of kick.  Heavy on the molasses, it's perfect for baked beans!  Mix it into meatloaf for a sweet and spicy punch.  Watch the burn factor on ribs!  Apply late or after removing meat from the grill.

Apple Butter is House of Q's original sauce.  It's the love chile of Kansas City style BBQ and apple sauce.  Again, the burn factor may not make it best suited for ribs, but toss pulled pork with it.  Use it to slather slow-cooker pulled pork, roasted pork loin, or baked ham.  You can also make some rockin' caramelized onions with this sauce!  Check out Val's Award Winning Burger recipe as well as simple Apple Butter Onions.

Visit House of Q for more recipes.

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