Sauce: Dine Alone Foods BBQ Sauces

Dine Alone

Dine Alone Foods is the partnership between the drummer and manager of Alexis on Fire. They’ve clearly spent a lot of time touring North America and had the chance to sample great barbecue. The result is a couple of delicious BBQ sauces.

Southern Blues Kickin’ Original is a sweet, tomato based sauce with a richness and thick consistency. It has a nice medium-level spiciness and tang that leaves you wanting to go back for more. Red, green, and poblano peppers add a complexity that lingers. Perfect for beef or pork ribs, beer-can chicken, pulled pork, or baked beans.

Northern Soul Sweet Chipotle kicks it up a notch with smoky chipotle peppers. It’s not overpoweringly sweet, however. Blackstrap molasses and a touch of tamarind give it a rich complexity. Try it on beef ribs, brisket, in homemade burgers, and extra thick baked beans.

Dine Alone Foods also makes a rockin’ hot sauce called, well, Rock n’ Roll hot sauce. 

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