Sauce: Big Grill Barbeque Pig & Cow Parts

Big Grill Barbeque Sauce

Big Grill Catering & BBQ from Aurora, Ontario, is bottling their three signature sauces. Owner and papered chef, Kevin Finch, operates a number of catering & food trucks servicing the GTA. He grew up on his family’s premier apple orchard and uses as much produce from the farm as possible.

Cow Parts is a take on a classic steak sauce with Worcestershire sauce, tamarind, and a hint of garlic. It is nicely balanced and not as overpowering as store-bought steak sauce, so the flavour of your beef comes through. The consistency is thick, just the way we like our steak sauce. It’s recommended for the following cow parts: steak, ribs, stews, roasts, and brisket.

Pig Parts is a sweet barbecue sauce with pork-friendly apple butter as its first ingredient. A touch of chipotle peppers lends a hind of smokiness without being noticeably spicy. This is the perfect sauce for folks who like their ribs sweet n’ sticky, but not cloyingly sugary. Recommended pig parts include loin, ribs, ham, shoulder, and chops. A side of grilled apples would be lovely!

The spicy version of Pig Parts adds more chipotle peppers for added kick and smokiness.

Big Grill BBQ is also bottling three terrific hot sauces

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