Rub: The Epicentre Jerk

The Epicentre Rubs

The Epicentre Authentic Jerk Rub & Marinade

This traditional blend of Jamaican Jerk spices adds ground lime and just a touch of habanero powder.  It has an enticing sweetness from allspice and cinnamon.  This blend is high on aromatic flavours, mild on heat,

 and has not salt, making it a perfect Jerk seasoning for beginners.  You will get all the traditional tastes of Jerk without the overpowering saltiness and heat.  You can add those if you want to.

Local producers, The Epicentre has all of their spice custom milled for them.  The fine grind on this blend makes it versatile.  Use as a seasoning for rice, beans, Caribbean curries, potatoes and root vegetables.  Add some Kosher salt and you'll have a great rub for chicken or pork.  You could even use it to season popcorn or spiced nuts.

Use it to marinate chicken or pork by combining with white wine and lime juice.  

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