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Where There's Smoke, There's Fire! 

"Weekends are like little sacks of gold that they hand out on Fridays. That’s what they mean when they ask how you ‘spent’ your weekend.  Unfortunately, like any sack of gold, it’s never big enough." Chuck Eichten, This Old House Magazine 

BBQ & Grill Recipes

"Firehouse Gourmet is one of those rare retail gems, the kind of place to go for the person that is so hard to shop for.  The owners are knowledgeable and friendly.  For a sauce dude like me I can’t beat the BBQ assortment, or the amazing imported cheese and fun tasty treats.  It is definitely worth the trip to Peterborough’s, East City for a visit to Firehouse Gourmet." Scott Geddes, Back Yard Chef Extraordinaire

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