Sauce: Muddy's Pit BBQ

Muddy's Pit BBQ Sauce

Muddy's Pit BBQ Sauces

Muddy’s Pit BBQ in Keene, Ontario, developed their own rub and barbecue sauces to enhance their low & slow smoked pork and brisket. If you haven’t been out to the barbecue shack, make it a priority next summer! Open April through December.

Muddy’s Pit BBQ

Kansas City Style Sauce

A great Kansas City style sauce with a tomato base and just enough tang to cut through rich pulled pork. It has a good consistency for basting ribs or brisket, as well.  An herb undertone brings out the best in pork & chicken and since it’s not spicy it's family friendly.  

Carolina Style Sauce

Pork is king in the Carolinas and they include mustard in their barbecue sauce. That’s the base of Muddy’s Carolina sauce. The tang of the mustard and addition of vinegar cuts through the richness of pork shoulder and brisket. It’s also a great basting sauce for chicken or baked ham. This sauce is not sweet like typical barbecue sauce which appeals to some folks.

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